REX is considered a Certificate of Deposit and it is designed to store value while providing tremendous passive income.

Users can stake REX tokens to receive rewards in the form of more REX. The protocol comes up with huge flexibility such as BOOST tokens, Daily Auctions, BigPayDays (Lottery where users may earn their investments back) and a native DEX for stakes which is new to DeFi.

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Some suggestions are below: If you are new to Crypto, please watch our Youtube REX UNIVERSITY series.

Listen to the REX TALKS series with Thomas, the Creator of REX.

READ THE WHITEPAPER! There is also a full walkthrough of the whitepaper here created by DR. Kelly Snook. Former NASA scientist and community member.

Go through the links on the linktree.

Read audit 1 and 2 and the hackathon report. These reports show that the code does exactly what is described in the whitepaper.

You can also audit the code yourself. It is published here. Join us on YouTube, twitter, and medium.

Join our discussions in our telegram group, or discord server.

Our community is always ready to engage and resolve with any doubts or comments you may have.

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REX is a cryptocurrency project (DeFi) on SmartChain and PulseChain. DYOR, read the whitepapers, engage with the community to fully understand the protocols.