The Advantages of Binance Smart Chain for DeFi Projects

The Binance Smart Chain offers a number of advantages for DeFi projects, including:

- Access to the liquidity and potential investor base of the Binance ecosystem
- Low transaction fees
- Fast transaction speeds
- Scalability
- Security and reliability
- Easy integration with existing smart contracts, dApps, and other Binance products.

In this article we discuss a few of the advantages of the BSC chain:

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain that works in tandem with Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, though, BSC has the power to run smart contracts and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

In addition, BSC boasts rapid blockchain transaction times and reasonable fee structures- two features that are highly appealing to developers looking to build DeFi apps.

As part of its consensus algorithm (known as Proof of Staked Authority, or PoSA), 21 validators stake Binance Coin (BNB) in order secure the network. Binance Smart Chain operates without block subsidies or rewards for validators in minted BNB, as many other blockchains do. Validators on this network are compensated with transaction fees instead.

In addition, the BEP-20 token native to Binance Smart Chain functions similarly to Ethereum’s popular ERC-20 tokens. There are 100s of DApps currently running on Binance Smart Chain, most of which provide decentralized finance solutions.

The Binance Smart Chain is full of features that make it a unique and powerful tool for blockchain applications.

Here are some of the most fascinating features of the Binance Smart Chain:


The ability for different systems and devices to work together.

What makes Binance Smart Chain unique is its dual-chain architecture, which allows users to seamlessly transfer assets from one blockchain to another. This interoperability gives users access to a vast array of use cases and opportunities within the ecosystem. Interoperability is a key feature that is highly valued by DeFi proponents, and Binance Smart Chain is leading the way in making this possible.

Low-Priced Transactions

Transaction fees, often called blockchain fees, are the price users pay each time they use a blockchain. Like many digital platforms, blockchains charge for their services in order to ensure that only valid transactions are processed and recorded. These transaction fees go to miners or validators who work behind the scenes to keep the blockchain running smoothly.

Transaction fees can quickly add up when using DeFi applications, so it’s important to consider the blockchain fee structure before deciding on a protocol. Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are two of the most common choices for DeFI projects, but Binance Smart Chain is much more economical in terms of transaction fees.

Lately, Ethereum has been recording some absurdly high fees for a single transaction. In contrast, Binance Smart Chain’s charges for the same services are only $0.01 — $0.05

Speed of Transactions

Blockchain transactions require a number of confirmations before a transaction can be completely processed. The essence of confirmations is to avoid the risk of double-spending. The longer the confirmation time, the longer the time it takes for a transaction to be completed.

Avoiding unnecessary delays in transactions is another factor DeFi developers have to consider before choosing a blockchain.

Ethereum has been handicapped by scalability challenges, which have resulted in congestion and longer waiting times for transactions to complete.


Binance Smart Chain was specifically designed to enhance scalability in blockchains with high throughput for easy implementation of smart contracts to build scalable decentralized applications.

Binance Smart Chain was built with a similar structure as the existing Binance Chain, which is a high-performance, low-latency blockchain but as a design choice to enhance speed, it was not able to handle smart contracts.

Binance Smart Chain, which is compatible with smart contracts for decentralized applications, is connected with the high throughput Binance Chain to achieve shorter confirmation times and higher transaction processing speeds while being programmable.

In conclusion

Binance Smart Chain offers cheaper and faster transactions than most blockchains. Ethereum developers will find it easy to port over to Binance Smart Chain.

In order to promote DeFi app development on BSC, Binance has launched a $100 million developer fund that promises funding for promising projects.

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REX is decentralized cryptocurrency and a Certificate of Deposit. DYOR. Read the REX whitepaper engage with the community to fully understand this protocol

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REX is decentralized cryptocurrency and a Certificate of Deposit. DYOR. Read the REX whitepaper engage with the community to fully understand this protocol