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3 min readMar 21, 2023


REX is a cryptocurrency that mimics Certificates of Deposit (CD) on a blockchain and offers unprecedented flexibility. According to, REX is a leader in the CD sector on BNB Smart Chain.

REX has now announced to deploy a new and independent version of the REX protocol on PulseChain, as soon as PulseChain mainnet is live and has a certain level of stability and reliability.

The story in short

REX (XRX) — The first staking token on BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

Originally, REX has been designed similar to well-known HEX, with some newly invented functions to increase staking flexibility, like transferring active stakes, splitting active stakes, withdrawing rewards from active stakes, a native DEX to trade active stakes and booster tokens integration.

After a booming start with a 100x within 3 months in 2021, REX discovered a bug and needed to restart. Having learned from that, the current and final REX protocol on BSC has been fully audited by three audit companies (1/2/3) before launch.

Still, launching mid 2022 in bear market, REX had a tough time during their 222 days long auction phase, printing a lot of new tokens every day. With the auction phase having ended and the protocol working as intended REX is a growing low cap gem, backed by a great and dedicated community.

A new and independent REX

REX has a stable protocol running flawlessly on Binance’s BNB Smart Chain (BSC), packed with inventions and running forever, as it cannot be switched off. REX will always consider BSC their home base and they will try to keep on improving it and build use cases around it.

Nevertheless, REX understands being successful in crypto today requires invention and adoption, leading to the need and will to further invent and improve. The REX community is the key driver for such inventions.

So, finally, REX decided to use their development capabilities, community knowledge and combined experience to create something new, merging well-working concepts with new technology and features — for all REXicans, HEXicans, PulseChain lovers and the whole crypto fam.

Perfect place

With the upcoming launch of PulseChain REX has found the perfect environment and conditions, with people understanding the concepts of DeFi, staking and delayed gratification.


A portion of the initial supply of REX on PulseChain will be given to REX BSC holders and especially stakers. Like in a presale.

Edit: Snapshot performed in May, 2023.

The airdrop will consist of 3 steps: On PulseChain launch, REX will (1) snapshot the SmartChain REX holdings, (2) calculate the airdrop amounts per address and then (3) process the airdrop in the form of claimable stakes.

Find more information on the Airdrop here:

SAC phase

A portion of the initial supply of REX on PulseChain will be given to accounts that sacrifice PLS tokens in the SAC phase. Incoming PLS will automatically be used to create liquidity on PulseX.

Find more information on the SAC phase here:


REX wants to express their respect for the PulseChain creator “Richard Heart” and his community. REX will be happy to become a part of you and hopefully contribute to the success of PulseChain with our participation. Needless to say, many REXicans are also HEXicans — including REX creator Thomas himself.



Rex Token -

REX is a cryptocurrency project (DeFi) on SmartChain and PulseChain. DYOR, read the whitepapers, engage with the community to fully understand the protocols.