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3 min readFeb 24, 2024

The SAC phase has started.

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About REX

REX is a cryptocurrency that mimics Certificates of Deposit (CD) on a blockchain and offers a high level of flexibility. According to, REX is a leader in the CD sector on BNB Smart Chain.

On February the 23rd, 2024, REX has deployed a new and extended version of the REX protocol on PulseChain.

If you’re into decentralized staking, delayed gratification and something you can build and grow, REX is for you. REX is not super easy, but it has a lot to offer — and it’s fun.

Teaser Video

PLS-REX Teaser

Short Description of Pulsechain-REX

REX on Pulsechain is not a usual meme or trading token. REX is a DeFi protocol that offers several elements, like (boosted) STAKING or (growable) NFTs to allow its users to create personal strategies and build and grow their positions over time. REX is not designed to buy in and out in a short period of time or getting rich overnight — this won’t work.

REX on Pulsechain has been created for long-term thinkers. First things first: The most prominent new feature in REX, as indicated above, is you can’t trade it quickly.

As a new user, you’ll need to use the features and possibilities the protocol offers and earn the right to sell tokens (think of building a “sellable amount” within the ecosystem).

It’s not possible to buy and sell the token, without using the protocol. Rather, the protocol invites you to use one or all of its functions and grow your positions and to max out — and then sell some of your “sellable” tokens whenever you like.

REX on Pulsechain

Restrictions and their advantages

It’s not required to create ultra-sophisticated strategies, but you’ll need to do something wihin the ecosystem to earn the right to sell.

This interaction obligation is a new approach, a fresh idea. It’s quite restrictive on first sight, but it offers great advantages.

The restrictions protect the users from swing traders and arbitrage / trading bots and panic selling — and thus allows to plan in longer terms than in usual tokens. No one can dump all their tokens, as everyone has to build their positions, first.

A constant inflow and a slow outflow shall be the way to success.

Core features

Without going into all the details in this short summary, the protocol allows to stake REX tokens, to stake and grow REX NFTs and to provide liquidity. All those things earn some kind of rewards — either REX tokens or “sellable amounts” or both. Also, those things can be boosted with a booster token, the TREX, to earn higher rewards or to earn them quicker.

Finally, after 180 days from launch, users may “wrap” REX + sellable amounts into Wrapped REX (“WREX”) — a fully tradable, transferable ERC-20, that may also be used by other contracts and be integrated by partners and even be listed on CEXs — without harming the secured closed REX DeFi ecosystem itself.

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Rex Token -

REX is a cryptocurrency project (DeFi) on SmartChain and PulseChain. DYOR, read the whitepapers, engage with the community to fully understand the protocols.