Liquiddery® Blockchain Lottery

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2 min readJan 22, 2023

Powered by Binance and Chainlink.


Liquiddery Blockchain Lottery

The Liquiddery® is a lottery using blockchain technology for a unique experience.

Blockchain-based lotteries offer players a number of benefits that traditional, centralized lotteries cannot match.

They provide a maximum level of privacy (no account needed, no name, no ID, no location), transparency (all transactions recorded on a public ledger, making it easy for anyone to verify the integrity) and accessibility (access from all around the world, regardless of physical location or country).

Liquiddery® runs on the well-known BNB Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, provided by Binance, and utilize the Chainlink Oracle for all data needed from outside the blockchain, for example, random numbers.

Initially, the focus will be on unique lottery models, but more exciting games will follow.

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Detailed advantages of Liquiddery®

Liquiddery® works in an absolutely unique way. Compared to other blockchain-based lotteries, there are tremendous benefits:

  • Very high payout/revenue percentages: 90% and above.
  • No new account creation needed. No selling of personal data.
  • Blockchain-secured and fully transparent on-chain lottery code.
  • No censorship, no restriction, no participation limit.
  • Guaranteed instant payouts. Without any payout limits.
  • Unclaimed payouts accumulate. And never expire.
  • Integrated addiction control: Users can block themselves.

Imagine decentralized internet games that you can play with cryptocurrencies, without any restrictions, wherever you are.

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Liquiddery® is happy to introduce their first games.

The “Bitcoin Lottery”

A blockchain-based lottery with instant gratification after each round: Winner gets 1 Bitcoin. Entry: 50 BUSD.

The “100x Lottery”

A blockchain-based lottery with instant gratification after each round: Up to 100x your entry.

Liquiddery®: “100x Lottery” — Video introduction



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