Last chance for Early Birds

REX on Pulsechain: “SAC phase” is about to end

Two weeks ago, REX on Pulsechain has successfully launched. The first important phase, the SAC phase, is about to end in a few days.

What is the SAC phase?

The SAC phase allows early-bird participants to grab a portion of the initial supply at low prices.

How can I participate?

  1. Navigate to
  2. connect your MetaMask or Rabby wallet
  3. find the “SAC phase” section
  4. sacrifice PLS tokens
SAC phase section — in the app’s dashboard

When the SAC phase has ended on day 29, users can claim their portion of the liquid REX into their wallets, in the app’s dashboard.

Is there a video explaining the procedure?

Sure. Here you go:

Is there a detailed paper for the SAC phase?

All details of the SAC phase are here:

REX welcomes all early birds!



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