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5 min readJan 4, 2023


Learn how to stake, and create staking ladders, bulk stakes, and variable stakes. Our REX UNIVERSITY series continues with this detailed look at how to stake with the REX Dapp. REX offers unparalleled flexibility using its native staking options.

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HOW TO STAKE crypto for maximum rewards

By staking your REX you gain REX rewards.

With REX tokens in your wallet, connect to and navigate to the staking page.

Did you know that REX offers unparalleled flexibility when staking?

On the Rex staking page, you can create a single stake, create a staking ladder, create bulk stakes, and create various stakes of different lengths and amounts.

Let’s start with creating one new stake:

First, Enter the amount of REX you wish to stake:

  1. Choose the length of your stake (remember the longer your stake, the more shares you receive)
  2. Give your stake a name so you can easily identify it later
  3. Choose whether it is revocable or irrevocable. Irrevocable stakes receive 25% more shares than revocable stakes. Revocable stakes however have the advantage that you can withdraw the rewards, or even close the stake early (with penalties of course).
  4. Lastly hit the Allow and Deposit button and your stake will be created!

But what about TREX?

Having a TREX in your wallet will automatically give you 25% extra shares when staking. You can purchase a TREX in your REX dashboard.

Wait, what are shares again?

Shares represent the percentage of the APY that the Rex Smart Contract generates which goes to you in the form of Rex rewards. The more shares you have, the higher your APY, and the more rewards your stakes will gain and You receive shares when staking. Staking longer equals more shares, so with a TREX booster token, you will receive more shares.

Ok let’s have a look at the Staking Ladder:

Using REX’s unique staking ladder functionality, you can easily create multiple stakes that open at intervals you define. Every year, every month, or even every week if you like. This is a way you can create a passive income source that can last for years in just a few clicks, let's see it in action!

Here are the steps:

  1. Choose how many stakes you want to create
  2. Then decide how much REX will you be staking
  3. Choose the stake intervals. This defines how many days will pass between each stake in your staking ladder. For example, if you put 365, you will have one stake opening each year.
  4. Offset allows you to start your staking ladder in the future. For example, if you are creating a monthly ladder, but want it to begin in one year, you can put 365 here.
  5. Give your staking ladder a name, every stake in the ladder will have the same name.
  6. Choose whether it is revocable or irrevocable. And then click Allow and Deposit and your stake will be created!

Now you will see your staking ladder in the active stakes section of your staking dashboard.

Bulk Stakes allow you to create multiple stakes that will end on the same day. This is useful if you want to create multiple stakes as gifts or to sell on the native DEX.

The Various Stakes option allows you to define multiple stakes at the same time with differing lengths and amounts.

As you can see, Rex’s built-in investment options allow for amazing flexibility when staking.

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This article is not intended to be financial advice.

Crypto investors, especially new investors, are reminded that crypto investing is not without its risks, and depending on your personal financial situation, never risk all your money in cryptocurrency investing. Don’t throw your life savings into cryptocurrencies or digital assets. Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the reward, so a good trader can create a powerful strategy of cryptocurrency trading to great benefit. We always remind investors to review the whitepaper of any project and do their own research.

REX was built with sustainability in mind.

There are a lot of reasons that REX is a solid and safe DeFi investment. Please do your own research. Read the whitepaper on Also, check out the link tree for all important REX-related links.

And this is not financial advice. Decentralized Finance is in general considered a risky asset, and it is important to know how to stay safe in DeFi. Only invest in projects that have been independently audited, and have made their code public.

The REX protocol is an example of the potential of Decentralized Finance. It is a next-gen savings account with built-in investment options, giving access to financial products that were previously controlled by centralized authorities.

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